Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It is will immense sadness that I inform you that on Dec 30, 2019 Alberto passed away.

Hi!  I am Linda and I am writing this blog because I 
 am Alberto's friend. 

Alberto is a family man.  Let me introduce you to his wife, Claudia and their very polite  kids, Alberto and Claudia.

Now that you know everyone, let me tell you about what Alberto can do for you.



Alberto’s   purpose is to provide you with any groceries you might need for your vacation-especially for those first few days.  Wouldn’t you like to arrive to a fridge stocked full of your favorite foods, drinks, and icy cold cervezas so you can enjoy your vacation time on the beach or at the pool?

Order must be finalized and payment must be received  at least 5 days prior to your arrival.  As well, you must provide the name of the person to see at your accommodation at the time of delivery in order to gain access to your unit.  Deliveries will be made on the day of your arrival.  No deliveries will be made on December 24 or 31.

The cost for this service varies depending on the size of your order and the location of your accommodation, plus the cost of your groceries.  A quote will be given to each individual order, taking all this into consideration.  Your change will be left in your unit with your groceries, along with an itemized  list of groceries and prices.  If you are already in Zihua and want Alberto to do a regular grocery delivery (more groceries than what would be considered “start up”), just send your wish list and Alberto will be happy to provide a quote of costs. 

Western Union is  your best option for payment. If you select Western Union, payment must be made in pesos.  If you are already here in Zihua, or if your accommodation is at Residencial Los Mangos or at Loma Bonita, payment arrangements can be made on an individual basis.  As well, if you are Canadian and do online banking, there is another payment option available to you.

For your information and reference to help you start your list, common items requested for start up groceries are:  coffee,  milk,  sugar,  apple juice, orange juice, bread (white or multi-grain),  margarine, butter, mayo, sliced turkey breast,  tomatos,  apples, pineapple,  grapefuit,  cerveza (sol, corona, victoria),  limes, coke,  diet coke,  joli, and microdyn (for disinfecting fruits & veggies), avocado, onion, totopos (chips), potato chips.

So please provide your arrival date and time, the name and location of your accommodation, the full name of the registered guest at your accommodation, and what groceries you would like purchased for you.  Once this information is received,  you will be provided with a rough price for the purchases and the total payment amount. At that point you can decide if you would like to proceed.  The rest is pure vacation time!





Alberto would like the opportunity to talk with you about your needs while in Zihua.

Alberto is 100% reliable and honest.  He will provide excellent references.


-provide translation and assistance with personal business and/or any transactions or appointments- like medical appointments, bank business, immigration, etc. Alberto has a medical background and lots of experience helping foreigners deal with the many medical options available to them.


  -be sure your home is in perfect condition for your arrival
  -arrange and supervise regular cleaning and pay your monthly bills
  -respond to any emergencies in your home
  -look after the rental of your home if you wish to rent it out
  -be available to help you with anything else that you might require.
              -arrange and/or supervise construction or renovations on your home

If you are interested in any of Alberto's services, please give him the opportunity to talk to you about your needs or questions.

Alberto can be reached on his cell phone at 044-755-557-7153 or by email at  


I highly recommend  Alberto's services if you are needing someone that gives you the "personal" attention that you need while being away from your residence. He is only a phone call away if you require assistance while in Zihuatanejo. Your bills are paid in a timely manner, your residence is cleaned weekly and you receive monthly receipts/statements. Alberto is very fluent in English and Spanish.
I have known Alberto for five years and have complete confidence in all the services he offers. Please feel free to contact me for any questions you may have regarding Alberto's Services.

Alberto is the year round manager of my condo.  He looks after arranging weekly cleaning and pays all expenses on my behalf associated with the condo, like utility bills, condo fees, etc.  Alberto responds promptly to any emergency situation in my condo and arranges for repairs when necessary.  He answers my emails immediately and sends me an accounting statement monthly. When needed, Alberto also helps us with personal appointments such as medical, immigration (annual renewal of our documents), car repairs, banking, etc.  Please email me if you would like any further information about Alberto:

Let Alberto do your start up grocery shopping and delivery everything to your accommodation:

Alberto will place your items nicely in your vacation space:

If you are present at delivery time, Alberto will go over your list with your items:

Unloading the car:

 Alberto will check your list with whoever he contacts at your accommodation:

When Alberto manages your condo or property, among many other helpful services, he will arrange for and supervise high quality, professional cleaning and maintenance.

And he will pay your bills.

If you have a construction or renovation project, Alberto is the right person to supervise that for you.

Perhaps you require assistance with bank business?

Applying for your FM3 or have other questions/problems with Immigration?

Maybe you would like one of Alberto's outstanding market tours.  You could learn what to do with all those different types of peppers.  

If you are interested in learning about Mexican authentic family cooking, Alberto suggests you check out COOKING WITH CLAUDIA at

If you need assistance with a medical issue, Alberto will go with you and support you.

What a great way to finish a fun market visit!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Alberto's Services

Recommendation from Sallie:
I have known Alberto for several years and found him to be very straightforward and hard working. He would be an excellent choice as your condo manager.

Recommendation from Barbara:    

I have used Alberto's services many times over the past 4 years. He has also offered many suggestions to me that have made my move to here hassle free. When I was in need of some car repair Alberto arranged for a reliable mechanic and the problem was fixed within 24 hours. He is honest and more than willing to go beyond the extra mile to be of service to others. You will be very happy with all his knowledge and skills and most of all the peace of mind of having him just a phone call or e-mail away with an answer to your question or problem.     

Recommendation from Andrea:  
I have known Alberto for 3 years now. He is a wonderful and honorable man. I know a couple of people who have condos that he manages and from what I hear he takes excellent care of them. I am told by condo owners who use Alberto’s services that he is extremely well organized and keeps very complete records of all financial transactions. I would encourage anyone who can use these services to, at the very least, contact Alberto so that you can speak with him directly.